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Good Driving Habits

Drivers, you can't be afraid to drive. If you are then please don't drive until you have the confidence. For those of us that aren't afraid to drive and those of us that trust our ability to drive. You make it dangerous for the rest of us. I'm not talking about the drivers that go... Continue Reading →

Finding a Good Roofing Company

Here in Las Vegas, we don’t really get the rain that I would like. We also don’t really get the monsoon season I like, especially in my part of Vegas. The rain always seems to skip my house!! Can you believe that!! ME! The one that actually wants the downpour (insert smile/crying emoji) Well it... Continue Reading →

The Chicken That Got Away

So I was scrolling through one of the Facebook groups I am a part of and one of the posters asked a question regarding a sick chicken and what they should do with it. One person commented that they should basically just clobber it until she stops moving. Now, this seems like a bad way... Continue Reading →

My Thrivin’ Life!!

I submitted this back in August 2015 and am still thriving. Read on if you dare!!! First a little bit about me, I’m 33 years old, I am a mom to a beautiful little 7-year-old girl and I have my wonderful husband by my side. I first heard about Thrive from my friend Tilly Jenski,... Continue Reading →

Giving Back With 4H

What an amazing thing it is to be a part of such an amazing organization for youth. This past Saturday, our daughter’s 4H club, Silver State Wranglers along with our 4H groups helped give back at the Ronald McDonald House Charity here in Las Vegas. I like to get my daughter involved in stuff like... Continue Reading →

Using resources readily available

When your working with your compost, there are places outside of your home where you can get the materials you need to apply to your compost. Honestly a lot of these things I didn't even know about until I've talked with people from our church. The church we go to, Calvary Chapel, has a bread/food... Continue Reading →

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