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Sometimes you just want to….

Sometimes you just want to display your coffee cup mugs. I got me a little help with the inspiration from Cowgirl Magazine. I get free pallets all the time, most are usually regular size, however, I found one that was only 3′ x 3′. I figured I could use this pallet to make my coffee cup display


Total cost me around $30, which included the white chalk paint, a stencil brush, and stencils, from Hobby Lobby.


Now you may think that it probably would have cost me that much just to purchase it completely done. But this way I can get several more projects done with those supplies.  After the white paint dried, which doesn’t take long, I used the stencils and painted

“Coffee” with my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Once it was all dry I screwed in the hooks that I picked up at Lowes.  And this is how it turned out!! I love it!

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