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Time for a pedicure

The farrier came out and gave Jane a pedicure. According to him, it went much more smoothly than before. The very first time she had ever had her feet done here in Vegas, she wasn’t really sure about what was going on. Being that she was out in pasture since birth, she really hadn’t had her feet trimmed. The second time her feet were done, she still wasn’t really sure what was going on, but little by little she would pick her feet up for him, but it would take some coaxing. So this time around when he came to trim her feet, she had improved immensely.

He had asked me if I had been working with her on it. Nope, the sad truth is I haven’t. I mean I cleaned her feet out this morning, but before that, I hadn’t really even messed with her feet since the last time he came out.

When the farrier comes out to do my horses feet, I always, always clean the hooves out and get as much of the dirt and mud off as possible. This helps keep the farrier’s tools from getting dull as they work on their feet.

Being that she isn’t in a stall, full room to move around, I don’t really have a problem with thrush. Even when it rains, there is still some hard ground that doesn’t really get muddy so her feet don’t really stay moist. If there is a chance that your horse gets thrush, I have found that using Kopertox along with Thrush buster helps them out. It’s best to keep it on hand just in case. When I worked for at a stable here in Vegas, the horses were kept in stalls and had a reoccurring problem with thrush, so every once in a while we would all go around and apply both the Kopertox and Thrush Buster. In fact, that was the first time I had even heard of this stuff, as I have never encountered a horse with thrush so would not have known what to apply to their feet.

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