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Using resources readily available

When your working with your compost, there are places outside of your home where you can get the materials you need to apply to your compost. Honestly a lot of these things I didn’t even know about until I’ve talked with people from our church.

The church we go to, Calvary Chapel, has a bread/food ministry every Tuesday and Thursday where people that are going through hard times, maybe they lost their jobs and are not able to provide food for their families anymore, they can come here and pick up food. It doesn’t cost anything but $3 donation if they have it. I first came last Tuesday to see what it was about and with my husband’s income varying check to check. It was amazing and a blessing to hear some of the stories of these people who have been helped by the church. Sometimes my husband and I will even need the help and that is okay.

I’ve come back today and spoke with some of the volunteers about collecting their wasted vegetables and fruits so that I may give them to my chickens or put them in my compost pile. It’s going to be part of a circle. The way that will happen is by using the composted matter by placing onto my garden. Even though it will be small, to begin with, as long as I keep God and Jesus in the middle, it will be a blessing not just to me, not just to the church but also to the people that it serves!

Tuesday they helped at least 60 families with food!! It was amazing what I had seen that day!

Also looks like I’ll be adopting a meat chicken from a lady here who won’t be able to keep when they move. We have made an agreement, this one will not be meat and that’s okay. We’ve got 8 chickens that can be food.

I can hardly wait to be able to help contribute to feeding all these families. From eggs to vegetables.

Thanks to churches like this, you can visit and ask if there is a way you can take the food that they can’t give out. Whether it’s moldy, rotten, or just expired. Like coffee, my husband and I don’t drink it that much and we aren’t going to buy it just for the compost, so we can check with coffee shops all around for their old coffee grinds. After all, they are just going to throw them out in the trash. So why not ask?

So below are just a few places you can check:

  • Churches
  • Food Banks
  • Coffee Shops
  • Restaurants

Free composting materials readily available.


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