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My Thrivin’ Life!!

I submitted this back in August 2015 and am still thriving. Read on if you dare!!!

First a little bit about me, I’m 33 years old, I am a mom to a beautiful little 7-year-old girl and I have my wonderful husband by my side. I first heard about Thrive from my friend Tilly Jenski, which was a little over 1 year ago. 

We had both busy schedules and every once in a blue moon when I did talk to her she kept telling us we had to try it, but we never got samples. When we had heard about the DFT and how it helped with soreness, my husband would not stop bugging me about getting samples from her. I was a mechanic for Audi at the time working 10 hours a day with an hour commute every day and was always busy, didn’t have time for anything.

I was worn out by the time I got home, I didn’t want to cook or do anything else, but I also felt like I didn’t need what this company had to offer. I’m a lazy person and I just figured me being tired and worn out was the because of it. I got tired of seeing all her posts on Facebook so I had stopped following her posts. I had mentioned it to my mom a few times that we were planning to try Thrive and she said, “make sure you do the research/if it’s not legit then it’s not worth it.” I did a lot of praying about it on whether or not I should go ahead with it.

Then one day out of nowhere I get a call from Tilly, that she had some horse tack she was looking to get rid of. When we got there I picked out what I needed. We made sure we got some samples and I signed up as a promoter at the end of the day on January 2015, without even trying it.

Day 1- I had a ton of energy. One of my co-workers had asked if I was okay, and I told her about this product I started taking. I had contacted Tilly and she suggested I take 1 capsule first and see how that worked.
Day 2- I started off with just 1 capsule and I felt much better than I did the day before, but I felt really good.
After a few days, I had increased it back to the 2 capsules and I felt good. As a mechanic, we get paid for what the labor was that the job entailed. My hours had started to increase little by little because I was working faster and could think more clearly.

When it got closer to my VIP period ending, I felt like giving up, I almost felt like this wasn’t for me. I got off work and just went to my car, sat there and cried. I asked God if this is what He planned for my life if this is what he wanted me to do. I prayed about it and as I was driving home crying, I was listening to Christian Radio station and the DJ came on and they were talking about MLM and how they weren’t a bad thing for us as Christians to get into. That right there was my eye opener, the answer from God, this is exactly where He wanted me. I hit my VIP800 just a couple minutes before it ended.

A couple months later I lost my job, but because of Le-Vel and what this company had done for me, my family and my faith in God, I felt that this was His plan for me all along and I wasn’t sad or mad about losing it.

In fact, I was happy and because of Thrive, I knew I could make more to help support my family and still be able to stay at home with my daughter. This journey has been a rewarding one, been slow going but that’s okay I finally had hit 12k in June 2015.

I absolutely love it, I am a Thriver for life and I give all my glory to God!!!

Fast forward to today, I am 36 now, my husband and I still take it to this day. My husband takes it every single day except Saturdays when he just wants to lounge around the house and not do a thing. As for myself, I had other things going on with my body to where I was still tired even after taking it. It was as if my body was getting used to it. So I found that if I only take it every other day or only when I have a lot to do that day, I get all that energy back!! My emotions go up and down all the time, for who knows why exactly. My blood tests are always perfect, nothing is ever out of place.

I can and will tell you that we will never stop thriving, this company is always improving and coming out with new innovations that no one else has. Also that I would be even worse off with being tired, where I’d always want to sleep, if I didn’t have Thrive in my life!!

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