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Finding a Good Roofing Company

Here in Las Vegas, we don’t really get the rain that I would like. We also don’t really get the monsoon season I like, especially in my part of Vegas. The rain always seems to skip my house!! Can you believe that!! ME! The one that actually wants the downpour (insert smile/crying emoji) Well it turns out it is a good thing. The last rain we had come down just like I like, only to find out (from my husband) that we had a leak in our living room! Now it’s not really leaking but the roof itself is. Come Saturday, a day my husband has off, he notices a water stain on our ceiling. And it feels wet/soggy. So we are like, ‘Okay now we need to find a roofer to fix our leaks’ We post on Facebook to see if any of our friends had recommendations. We also got a recommendation from our air conditioner guy, who he said does a fantastic job and that his prices are very reasonable. Now, we like reasonable pricing, after all, we are trying to get out of debt. So I give the guy a call and being that he was really busy doing someone else’s roof, he asked if we texted, which we did, so he had me text him my name and address and he would get back to us in a couple days. Fast forward 3 days and no response from him at all. I’m sure he was so busy he forgot to respond back to me and I should have sent him another text message but I didn’t.

Again my husband put on Facebook that we were still looking for a roofer. However, I also decided to go to and search for highly recommended roofers. I knew I needed to get a few estimates. At least 3-4, but I was giving two companies to check out. The first one I had set an appointment for this past Monday, who by the way had a 4.6 star review. I also went to the website to find any other roofing companies that I could contact to come out and give us a free estimate, however, none of them were getting back to me. One of them eventually contacted me back and couldn’t come to give us an estimate until next week. Can’t even begin to describe how frustrated we both were.

Coming back to my husband’s search on social media, a friend from our church commented with another friend’s name. So my husband reached out to him. Later that day he came to check on our roof. I told him we had 2 different leaks, none that were really bad but we want to nip it in the bud. So all we really wanted to do was repair the leaks before it turned into something bigger and cost us a whole lot more money. So he came, he saw, and he left. We talked about the roof but he never gave me the estimate. That’s fine, I just had my husband contact him back and find out how much it was going to costs. Well, from what he saw, we are looking at around $500. Okay, we can deal with that price, but we still wanted to get some more estimates.

This is what we don’t want to happen. Luckily this was in our laundry room

Come this past Monday when the appointment for the first roofer was scheduled to come by at 8:00 AM. Fast forward to 8:30 and no show or call. A few minutes after the tech decided to call and tell us that he is sorry and is running behind. He said he should be there within an hour to an hour and a half. Sure, that’s fine I can wait a little bit longer, no problem. Well fast forward again and he still a no-show! No call, no nothing. I called my husband and let him know what was going on that I was done waiting and that I was going to leave to head over to our county library. After all, I got to get some more research books. Well, I come back, maybe about an hour after I left and sitting in the door was the roofer’s card. Who even does that! He didn’t call me to tell me he was on the way or that he was even at the house already. Why would I hire them if they can’t even be on time for an appointment that was scheduled over a week ago? And why would I hire them if they can’t keep me informed on what is going on when they are going to be late? By this time I’m at a loss. Who can we trust to be on time or call when they are running late or are already at the house. They can’t expect me to wait around 3 hours after my scheduled appointment without even a call!!

We still have one more company scheduled to come and give us an estimate. But, I got so fed up with this past roofer that I just told my husband to get ahold of our other friend that came to give us the estimate and that we will hire him to complete the work. So before he does fix our roof, he’ll be coming back this Saturday so my husband and he can talk and he can show my husband what needs to be done. Spanish is both their first language, so I’ll let them discuss what we can do for our roof.

After we get our roof repaired, we can start saving up to actually buy to get our whole roof replaced. The guy said that the repairs would only last for 2 to 3 years, which will give us plenty of time to save up the money so we can pay cash for a whole new roof.

Moral of the story is to try and contact at least 5 to 10 roofers regardless of their star rating. As you saw what that one roofing company had, when it comes to roofing companies, you can’t really trust them.

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