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A little bit about me

Welcome, everyone!!! Let me introduce myself. My name is Crystal and I am currently a stay at home mom. I am an Army Veteran and am a member of a wonderful organization for veterans and the rodeo/ranch lifestyle, Warriors, and Rodeo. I was born into the ranch lifestyle as I’m originally from Wall South Dakota, was born and lived there until I was about 5 years old. We went from living on about 80 acres, right outside of Wall on the edge of the badlands at the Badlands National Park to living on just under 1 acre. My father had gotten a job in California and we had to sell everything and move. Almost every summer though, we would go back with my family. If I had the opportunity to go back, I would. My dad’s family still lives there and ranches to this day.

I’ve got a wonderful husband and precious daughter that means the world to me. I have very different backgrounds. I’ve obtained my paralegal certificate while I was in the military, only to find out it doesn’t transfer anywhere and it is not recognized by the board of education. With it, though, I was able to get into a law office once my service term was up. I’ve also been an immigration coordinator for a technology company. Went back to working in Law offices as different types of career fields from being a receptionist and switchboard operator to billing.

I was bored with my life and wanted something new, so with the persistent recommending from a friend, I went to Automotive school and was able to obtain my Smog Certification for California.  I eventually moved to Nevada and worked on Audi for close to 3 years. Now I test drive cars for an engineering company.


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